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AP Academy is your one-stop resource for training on AP platforms and products. Our mission is to help you maximize the potential of your AP services, leveraging AP’s global reach to create custom feeds for your local audiences. The on-demand tutorials below will show you how to provide your audiences and advertisers with unique selections of relevant news not readily available through broad Internet searches or social sharing. (Registration is required to access the video tutorials.) 

AP Academy also will provide live, online training throughout the year.

Please email to request additional training, suggest

topics to be added to our training library or obtain more information about our training programs. 

For technical questions on AP platforms, please contact:
US: 877-836-9477
International: 212-621-7361

Explore the latest training opportunities

AP Definitive Source: Restoring Trust in Journalism (50:47)
AP news leaders discuss the importance of fact checking and transparency in an era of so-called fake news, and declined trust in journalism. 

AP Solutions: Building a Culture for Data Journalism to Thrive (1:02:20)
AP journalism and tech leaders share lessons and ideas about removing barriers, localizing, sharing and finding stories in data.

AP Solutions: Next Generation Virtual Reality (58:37)
Virtual reality and 3-D capabilities have brought a major shift to storytelling. AP news leaders discuss major trends in immersive media.

AP Definitive Source: Connecting with the Connected (45:27)
AP’s social media editor and product director discuss how to build social and digital strategies across platforms and offer 11 tips to keep in mind when using social media and driving engagement.

AP Solutions: Driving Video Engagement (1:01)
AP’s director of U.S. video products and two news directors discuss ways to establish video storytelling as an integral part of today’s journalism in your newsroom and how to use simple tools while out in the field to capture enticing video to engage your audience.

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Organization (1:00)
AP leaders discuss legal issues surrounding content licensing, including copyright basics, fair use and public domain.

Journalism in a World of Smart Machines (1:02)
The future of augmented journalism - a (non-technical) guide to artificial intelligence for newsrooms.

Five Things To Know for 2017 (50:47)
Learn how The Associated Press is building new connections with you, our members and customers, as we employ the latest technology and tools to gather and distribute content.

Ethics and Practice of Drone Journalism (1:01)
AP news leaders discuss the importance of establishing and upholding ethics in the practice of drone journalism.

Platforms and products

AP Hosted Custom News

AP Hosted Custom News Getting Started (3:48)
Learn how to upload, preview, save and delete templates.

AP Hosted Custom News Styling and Defining Content (6:01)
Learn how to style modules and build content definitions.

AP Hosted Custom News Modules and Sections (5:29)
Learn how to build section fronts out of modules.

AP Graphics Bank

AP GraphicsBank Getting Started (4:06)
Learn how to access GraphicsBank content.

AP GraphicsBank Search and Download (6:04)
Learn how to search for graphic images and elements, as well as how to download content.

AP Planner

AP Planner - Getting Started (1:01)
Learn how to access your account and view content on AP Planner.

AP Planner - Key Offerings (1:58)
Learn key features, and also how to quickly access content and view updates.

AP Planner - Search Overview (2:06)
Learn how to search with or without keywords, add advanced options and use the visual filtering search cloud.

AP Planner - Performing Quick Searches (1:02)
Learn how to perform a quick search.

AP Planner - Using Advanced Search Options (1:08)
Learn how to add advanced filtering options to new searches or apply additional conditions to prior searches.

AP Planner - Exporting Event Data (0:35)
Learn how to export data to Excel or Outlook.

AP Planner - Building Event Reports (1:47)
Learn how to build and customize event reports.

AP Exchange

AP Exchange - Getting Started (2:08)
Learn how to set up your personalized account on AP Exchange.

AP Exchange - Search Tools (3:35)
Learn how to customize your search preferences and content downloads.

AP Exchange - Keyword Searches (3:30)
Learn how to search by keyword and refine keyword searches.

AP Exchange - Saved Searches (5:03)
Learn how to save your searches and create email alerts when new content is available.

AP Exchange - Story Element Searches (6:38)
Learn how to use story elements to find content quickly and easily.

AP Exchange - Custom News Feeds (4:47)
Learn how to create a custom news feed with saved searches.

AP Exchange - Special Edition Content (2:07)
Learn how to create alerts for AP’s special edition, advertiser-friendly packages.

AP Images

AP Images - Getting Started (3:47)
Learn how to establish and customize your AP Images account.

AP Images - Search Tools (7:31)
Learn how to search for images, as well as how to download and share.

AP Images - Collections and Curated Content (3:35)
Learn how to search for and browse curated content, including special collections, top photos and themed pages.

AP Webfeeds

AP Webfeeds - Getting Started (2:51)
Learn the options for integrating AP content into your workflow.

AP Webfeeds - Manager/Agent (2:53)
Learn how to create and edit a profile.

AP WebFeeds  - Manager/Agent: Download & Activate (2:28)
Learn how to activate the WebFeeds Agent and link an Agent to a WebFeeds Manager profile.

AP Video-US

AP Video-US - Getting Started (5:30)
Learn how to establish and customize your AP Video-US account.

AP Video-US - Portal & Search Tools (4:44)
Learn how to search for video, as well as how to download and share.

AP Video-US - Previewing Video (3:21)
Learn how to preview video within the AP Video-US platform.

AP Video Hub

AP Video Hub Getting Started (4:42)
Learn how to access breaking news, live events and related archive video.

AP Video Hub Search, Preview & Download (5:38)
Learn how to search and preview content, and download video in your preferred format.

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