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AP Academy is your one-stop resource for training on AP platforms and products. Our mission is to help you maximize the potential of your AP services, leveraging AP’s global reach to create custom feeds for your local audiences. The on-demand tutorials below will show you how to provide your audiences and advertisers with unique selections of relevant news not readily available through broad Internet searches or social sharing. (Registration is required to access the video tutorials.) 

AP Academy also will provide live, online training throughout the year.

Please email to request additional training, suggest

topics to be added to our training library or obtain more information about our training programs. 

For technical questions on AP platforms, please contact:
US: 877-836-9477
International: 212-621-7361

Explore the latest training opportunities

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Organization (1:00)

AP leaders discuss legal issues surrounding content licensing, including copyright basics, fair use and public domain.

Journalism in a World of Smart Machines (1:02)

The future of augmented journalism - a (non-technical) guide to artificial intelligence for newsrooms.

Five Things To Know for 2017 (50:47)

Learn how The Associated Press is building new connections with you, our members and customers, as we employ the latest technology and tools to gather and distribute content.

Ethics and Practice of Drone Journalism (1:01)

AP news leaders discuss the importance of establishing and upholding ethics in the practice of drone journalism. 

Covering the 2016 General Election Campaigns & Vote (48:39) 

AP's news leaders discuss the challenges in covering the twists and turns of the Nov. 8 ballot.

Driving Engagement with Video (55:15)

AP's director of U.S. video products and Brightcove's vice president of marketing and business development/media discuss how you can drive traffic and reach your desired audience with online video.

Content Rights: Protecting Yourself & Your Organization (1:01)

AP leaders discuss legal issues surrounding content licensing and how your newsroom can better protect itself in the digital space.

Predicting the Future with AP Data  (48:16)

Data scientists discuss how they mine news archives and other data sets to further their research on the global marketplace.

Virtual Reality for Today's Newsrooms (1:02) 

Journalists from AP and USA TODAY Network discuss the evolution and future of Virtual Reality. 

Covering the Campaigns and the Vote (51:44)

AP's editorial team discusses the state of the 2016 presidential race and how the votes will be counted. 

AP College Services: Making Money with AP Content (25:56)

Learn how to maximize the potential of your AP content and find new revenue. 

AP Video Solutions (43:36)

Learn the basics of adding video to your digital news platform. 

Leveraging Plug-and-Play Coverage (46:58)

Learn how to use curated AP sports and business content packages to supplement coverage and drive additional ad revenue.

Platforms and products

AP Exchange

AP Exchange Getting Started (2:08)

Learn how to set up your personalized account on AP Exchange.

AP Exchange Search Tools (3:35)

Learn how to customize your search preferences and content downloads.

AP Exchange Keyword Searches (3:30)

Learn how to search by keyword and refine keyword searches.

AP Exchange Saved Searches (5:03)

Learn how to save your searches and create email alerts when new content is available.

AP Exchange Story Element Searches (6:38)

Learn how to use story elements to find content quickly and easily.

AP Exchange Custom News Feeds (4:47)

Learn how to create a custom news feed with saved searches.

AP Exchange Special Edition Content (2:07)

Learn how to create alerts for AP’s special edition, advertiser-friendly packages.

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