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The gold standard for U.S. election results

Engage your audiences and advertisers throughout campaign and election season

Get unrivaled election coverage from the campaign trail to the final vote count. Count on us for access to everything from detailed election results and delegate counts to referendum results and historical voting patterns.

What we offer

Place your followers, readers and viewers at the center of the story

Election results

Get election-night results straight from the world’s most accurate and reliable source through an easily searchable API and interactive maps, like this sample from the 2016 general election.

We are the only provider to tabulate results in nearly every state and national primary, general election and referendum, and every return is verified to ensure you receive data you can count on.

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Vote ballot count in Multnomah County


Looking for a comprehensive resource for election night analysis? We deliver tabulated results for national, state and select local races dating back to 2000. Break down the data by race, county, congressional district or legislative district to see a targeted dissection of current and past elections.

For more insight into our process, partner with us and go behind the scenes on election nights to tell your audience how we declare winners and report on elections in your area. Learn how we evaluate where a race is headed and how we determine when it's safe to declare one candidate a winner over another. 

A provisional vote ballot is cast in Westerville, Ohio

Campaign content

Complement your online breaking news coverage with our pre-election campaign content, helping you engage your digital audience and attract advertisers throughout election season. Pre-election coverage includes:

  • Photos and bios of top candidates.
  • State and district profiles.
  • Campaign finance data.
  • State-by-state results from the previous election.
  • Rules for absentee voting, early voting, registration requirements, etc.

Create custom graphics with live data

  • Produce powerful graphics and applications using AP's real-time feed of raw results data

  • Access results via API in JSON and XML formats, and in ANPA via FTP

  • Incorporate decades of historical results data from past election races

1848 to 2018: AP's role in the election process

The Associated Press has been collecting and verifying election results since 1848, making us the definitive source. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how we've covered elections through the decades.

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