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AP Playbook

Collaboration and editorial planning made simple

View all your newsroom activity in one shared location

Designed for newsrooms of all types – including our own – AP Playbook makes it easier to coordinate coverage across your organization and increase output through any channel.

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Keep your newsroom at your fingertips

At your desk or on the go, AP Playbook online and the mobile app will help you plan and track your ongoing and upcoming story coverage.

Playbook planning


  • Give your entire team access to build and view multiformat plans with topic cards for top-level stories and assignment cards for related tasks.
  • Keep everyone up to date on day-of and future coverage activity across your organization, locally or globally.
  • Get a customized setup to meet your newsroom’s needs and match your workflow.

Are you an ENPS user? Find out how to integrate Playbook into your system.

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  • Using an API, you can ingest feeds of events to create a view of newsworthy items for your schedule.
  • Search events and assignments using hashtags or key terms.
  • Choose how you view your newsroom activity, whether by location, format, date, owner, etc.


  • Get notifications of new assignments and story developments through the iOS app, text or email.
  • Use the timeline view to get a snapshot of your day or week ahead. Drag and drop to easily reschedule coverage throughout the week.
  • View your personal assignments or use the slideshow view for a roundup of the day’s plans across various areas.


  • Allocate costs to each assignment to track individual and cumulative story expenses.
  • Gain insight into how resources are being used across the newsroom. 

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